Lien Cases & Accident cases

In a personal injury case, if a client has broken, chipped or damaged their teeth in an accident, a dentist can evaluate their injuries and provide treatment. This is crucial for the patient’s health as well as the outcome of the case.

The range of the patient’s injuries/damages is the critical deciding factor in valuing a personal injury claim. A dentist on lien ensures that the patient gets the appropriate treatment even if he cannot afford payment up front, or in the worst case, at all. In this commitment to work on a lien, the physician in this case gets paid after the case is settled in court no matter the verdict. This lien or a promise is signed by all three parties – the attorney, the doctor and the patient.

Here’s what a dentist can do to facilitate a personal injury case:

• In a personal injury case where the victim has faced severe damage to the teeth and requires immediate dental assistance, a dentist assists from initial evaluation and treatment to preparing the final report.
• In the initial evaluation, the dentist observes the intensity of the injuries. This determines the extent of the injury and after this is the treatment plan can be prepared.
• The dentist then estimates the approximate amount of time that it will take to treat the patient and what procedures will be necessary.
• Finally, the dentist creates a detailed documentation of the treatment, including the initial evaluation, observations, treatment and every detail about each visit.

A detailed deposition is then prepared for the attorney to submit in court. With the right physician, the documentation is very detailed and clear, making it easy for the attorney to present in the court to assist his client’s case.

Unlike a usual trip to the dentist, the physician is not paid upfront in a personal injury case. After the personal injury or workers’ compensation case is settled in court, the attorney and the dentist are paid from the compensation received. This process can make it difficult to find a dentist willing to take a lien; however, there is a solution.

We partner with attorneys to start your treatment even before your lawsuit is concluded.

Why should you come to a dentist that treats patients with lien cases? Many of our patients have a lawsuit in progress, but are still waiting for their settlement or judgment to come through years later.  The slow pace of the legal system shouldn't keep you from getting treatment for the damage you sustained in an accident.  That's why we've been working directly with attorneys for decades to make sure that our patients get the treatment they need when they need it.

We all know that untreated dental problems only grow if they're not addressed quickly. If you have a case in progress, but have urgent dental needs, Call us today at 909-823-5959